Marion E. Officer
A Man for all Seasons

A history of the NAACP would not be complete without citing the contributins of this "man for all seasons." Officer's contributions to the NAACP were many and varied. He gave of his time, his talent, his trasures: his time in the numberous committee meetings he attended and in the use of his facilities for meetings for over twenty years; his talent in the numberous times he was the master of ceremonies at NAACP affairs; his trasures in his life membership and his financial contributions to the causes of the NAACP. Because of ths long standing, consistent support contributions Mr. Officer was bestowed the Humanitarian Award in 1987 by the local Branch. To date, he is the only person to receive this award.

NAACP dinner at Fischer's

Marion E. Officer and Mrs. Douglas (Catherine L.) Stewart, General Chairmen of the 1971 Annual NAACP Freedom Fund-Life Membership Dinner.